What is The Deal for Business?

Wigan depends on businesses to create an economy that is both successful and sustainable, promoting opportunity, growth and innovation.

The Deal for Business is a voluntary agreement between the Council and local business, which signifies a shared commitment to supporting the economic growth of the borough.

WN1 Lighting Solutions Ltd were only too pleased to sign up to the deal and offer our help across the borough..

Our part

  • Proof of investment in the borough
  • A high proportion of employees are local residents
  • Employment for apprentices/trainees within appropriate training programmes
  • Business rates are paid on time as set out on their payment schedule’s – late/no payments could affect future support
  • Community support – giving something back to the local communities, through litter collection, awareness, maintenance support
  • Commitment to recycling to support the local environment
  • Commitment to #digitalWigan
  • Creating a healthier workplace
  • Engagement with Council services
  • Support Council Initiatives e.g. Borough in Bloom.

Wigan Council’s part

  • Liaise with businesses regularly and provide on-going support to help drive economic growth in the borough
  • Support with targeted employment opportunities for our complex dependency groups working with partners to bridge the skills gap
  • Apprenticeship/traineeship with appropriate training programmes – for the Business Booster, this would depend on the size of the business
  • Fill training and skills gaps for better employment opportunities through sector based academies and training programmes
  • Working with Greater Manchester partners to ensure opportunities are maximised and collaborative working benefits Wigan’s economic growth.